The choice of formats, all rigorously bronze drawn and handcrafted, produced with 100% Italian durum wheat semolina, is divided into Special Sizes.

By carefully observing a “maccarone” of the Vecchio Pastaio Artisan Pastificio, whether it is a Pacchero, a Fusillone or a Rigatone, the porosity of the pasta immediately catches the eye, suitable for making the sauce stick, without letting it slip away; consistency, which allows you to get distracted while cooking; the color, white like “the gold of yesteryear” and the scent, typical of the high quality semolina used, which distinguishes the production of excellent level artisan pasta.

Last but not least, the love and experience in following the production of pasta in all its phases, “that pasta” that has made Gragnano famous all over the world, is not to be considered as such.

Our formats are all rigorously bronze drawn and produced with 100% Italian durum wheat semolina Selezione Casillo Progetto Prime Terre.

The semolina produced with a selection of Italian grains, is a healthy and genuine product, perfect for adults and children thanks to the high nutritional level, it is obtained from whole durum wheat. Elastic gluten, with low gluten index, medium granulometry, organic semolina retains great flavor and aromas, is also rich in carotenoids, natural antioxidants, precious allies of our well-being, it is much more easily digestible. Il Vecchio Pastaio pasta factory continues the processing of pasta according to the old methods of the past, such as the use of water from our sources, 100% Italian high quality semolina, bronze drawing and slow drying.

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